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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) wants shoppers to remember their consumer rights when buying Christmas presents this year.
More then half of adults will use credit cards to pay for spending this Christmas.
Christmas shoppers need to check returns policies and keep receipts when buying presents.
New plain-English guides to ensure people lacking mental capacity get the banking services they need have been published by the British Bankers’ Association.
Card fees and Pet insurance
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Further education important in getting a job, learners say

Most college learners believe their course played an important role in getting a job.

157,927 deals done under the car scrappage scheme

Figures show that, half way through, the Government’s scrappage scheme has led to 154,927 old cars being taken off the roads.

Tell the door-to-door salesmen to buzz off

If you switch energy companies because the door-to-door salesperson says you'll get a better deal you could still lose out.


With credit hard to get and trust in the traditional lenders low people are looking for other ways to raise cash.

2.4 million – 7.8% - out of work

  Unemployment increased by 220,000 to 2,435,000 in the three months to June  - the highest level since 1995.


 The Post Office® has launched Growth Bond Issue 9.

London's going on Holiday

Nine in ten Londoners are refusing to give up their holiday abroad this summer despite a year of economic doom and gloom, according to a new survey.

2.38 million unemployed and rising.

A record 281,000 people were added to the growing list of unemployed in the three months to May.

Danger on the roads.

7 out of 10 British motorists have engaged in some form of potentially dangerous activity whilst driving in the last month.

Beware of ‘Dressed Up’ Time Share schemes

Consumers need to be extra cautious when looking to buy a house on fractional ownership according to the National Association of Estate Agents International.

House Sales remain high

In June the average agent continued to make strong sales, despite having fewer properties available for sale.

Insurance spending down less than expected.

Cuts in insurance spending by consumers have not been as severe as anticipated 12 months ago.

Nationwide’s 125% mortgage.

You may have seen reports that the Nationwide Building Society is bringing back 125% mortgages

Just six families helped to stay in their homes

Just six families in England have been helped by the government's mortgage rescue scheme.

We’re angry with the banks because they won’t lend

More than half – 58 per cent – of 1,800 people surveyed believe banks must begin lending more
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