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Customers in the UK are less loyal to their banks than in recent years, due in part to perceptions that banks are more interested in profits than their customers’ best interests

We're getting into the festive spirit by stocking up on food and drinks for the family season – but shoppers beware!
Saga is warning that many women are being misinformed by the Department of Work and Pensions about their expected retirement age.
1 in 3 consumers would like more banks to choose from on the high street
 The recession and subsequent housing market decline has created a wave of ‘reluctant landlords’ – homeowners who have to let out their property because they cannot sell it.
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‘Group buying’ drives down prices.

The founder of a big discount website comes up with new wheeze

Tax tips for top earners

With the top rate of income tax going up to 50% in April anyone who has taxable income of more then £150,000 will be interested in these tips.


Do you know you’re tax free saving limits from your elbow? It seems many over 50’s don’t.

Eco News Weekly Round Up 02-03-2010

Hi, I’m Atul Srivastava. Welcome to Eco News! This is where I’ll give you top tips and information, as well as regular advice to help you save money and the environment.  Forthcoming Events Atul Srivastava Eco Expert Follow me each day on Twitter:

10 Eco Money Saving Fashion Designers in London Fashion Week

Eco Fashion may sometimes be slightly more expensive, but it tends to be more durable. Buy a winter coat from the high street for £100 and you may have to replace it in two years. Buy an eco winter coat for £400 and it may last you for 40 years. Eco fashion saves you money in the long term, as these designers show with their durable eco fashion items.   

Eco News Weekly Round Up 21-02-2010

Eco Money Saving Advice - Fresh from London Fashion Week, this week’s Eco News is a special edition focussed on Affordable Eco Fashion. Instead of buying clothes that wear out in two years, buy a quality eco garment that’s designed to last for years, saving you money in the long run.   

£30,000 to keep your 18 - 30 year old!

The cost of having adult children is hitting parents hard, with new research showing they expect the cost of supporting an 18 to 30-year-old to exceed £30,000.

Double Pay-Out of Boiler Scrappage Scheme

There's still more than 54,000 vouchers available under the Government's boiler scrappage scheme.  


55% believe financial services are essential or very important to everyday living70% think it should be a basic right for all to have access to mainstream financial services such as bank accounts, loans, overdrafts and credit cards

Home repossessions at a 14 year high.

46,000 people had their homes repossess in 2009 – the highest figure since 1995. Although things weren’t as bad as had been predicted the figures were 6,000 up on 2008.

5 Eco Money Saving Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Follow EcoExpert each day on Twitter: Valentine’s Day gifts are inherently somewhat personal, so there may be fewer conversations amongst friends or around the dinner table about ideas for eco money saving Valentine’s Day gifts.

Eco News Weekly Round Up 31-01-2010

Hi, I’m Atul Srivastava. Welcome to Eco News! This is where I’ll give you top tips and information, as well as regular advice to help you save money and the environment.  

Have you made your 5 New Year Eco Money Saving Resolutions yet?

At the end of January many people start to notice that their New Year resolutions are starting to falter. Psychologists have noticed that New Year resolutions are rarely maintained throughout the year unless they were already deeply embedded in what you want from life, not just made up for New Year.

Eco News - Weekly Round Up

Hi, I’m Atul Srivastava. Welcome to Eco News! This is where I’ll give you top tips and information, as well as regular advice to help you save money and the environment

BIBA travel insurance to include financial failure protection

 The British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s (BIBA) travel insurance policy ‘BIBA Protect’ has been extended to protect independent travellers against the financial risk of airlines and end suppliers going into liquidation.
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