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Sunday Papers: Gove challenges his rival Johnson again  Citywire Financial PublishersThe Sunday Times: Michael Gove has announced that he will fight Boris Johnson for the Tory crown because he has a better “track record” and is more ...
Scammer who goes by 'Syncere' is arrested in California for stealing women's credit cards  Daily MailWilson Edward Jackson, 37, was arrested on Thursday for stealing at least a dozen women's identities and credit cards, according to the Los Angeles Police ...
'Imagine Cruising charged £4k cancellation fee when my husband fell ill' our new consumer champion column: Katie Morley Investigates. If a company has let you down she is here to fight your corner. If you've lost money ...
State faces double whammy on Rebuilding Ireland home loan scheme  The TimesLocal authorities have approved almost twice the government's initial funding allocation of €200m for a state-backed mortgage scheme aimed at middle-income ...
Couples tie themselves into 'marathon' mortgages for up to 40 years  The TimesHalf a million people took out mortgages last year that will stretch over more than 25 years — landing many with a debt that will not be cleared until they are 100.
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