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The GuardianI'm ready to dump broken Britain. Care to join me?The GuardianMortgages, wages and loans have stalled and businesses may soon be charged for forcing our poor beleaguered banks to store their heavy, boring, old money. That's the same boring kind of money generated by striving human beings and resulting in goods, ...
AOL Money UKHow to squeeze extra value from your pounds this summer.AOL Money UKSimon Taylor, Head of Travel Money at Sainsbury's Bank said: "Our analysis shows that on average holidaymakers could save €42 per transaction by getting their money in advance – enough for a lunch for two in Spain or perhaps a few drinks in France." Gates: 'Selling tea will make me more money than selling records' teenager Gareth Gates was a shy 17-year-old with spiky hair and a stammer when he was runner-up to Pop Idol winner Will Young in 2002. Unlike most talent show contestants, Gareth, now 32, notched up four No 1 singles, sold out tours, starred ...and more »
The GuardianNick Xenophon calls for first-person shooter video games to be defined as gamblingThe GuardianA Brisbane teenager told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that he had lost about $1,800 from gambling on skins after having stolen his father's credit card. He said he had been inspired by top players who had posted videos of their big wins to ...and more »
Herald ScotlandAmber alert sounded over sliding interest ratesHerald ScotlandTaxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland last week fired a warning shot, by telling its business customers that if interest rates go below zero, and become negative, the bank cannot guarantee that it won't have to charge interest for accepting money ...and more »
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