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News pilot facing £300000 penalty over pension spoke to a Spain-based financial adviser, who said it was possible – and legal – to take up to 50pc of the money in his pension tax-free because he was in Spain, and use this to buy a property instead of a mortgage. His pension with British Midland ...and more »
Robin Hood in a Time of AusterityLondon Review of Books (subscription)In this version the sheriff of Nottingham runs a ruthless realm of plunder and political correctness, ransacking the homesteads of honest peasants for money to finance the conceptual rich – that is, the unemployed, the disabled, refugees, working-class ...
Cut up your credit cardFinancial TimesBy the end of 2016, another record is likely to be broken: the average UK household is likely to owe almost £10,000 in unsecured debt. According to a recent PwC report, “Precious Plastic: How Britons Fell Back in Love With Borrowing”, total ... This is ...and more » of backpacker seriously injured in horrific Thailand moped crash hit with £35k hospital graduate Tasha Hutchinson, 24, was on a six-month adventure when the bike she was on was hit by a taxi driver who fell asleep at the wheel. She was left with horrific leg injuries and because she had forgotten to get medical insurance, she ...and more »
This is MoneyUK regions with the biggest mortgage debt revealedThis is MoneyMortgage holders in pockets of London such as Newham and Tower Hamlets along with those in towns on the outskirts such as Barking, Crawley and Harlow are the most at risk if the Bank of England raises interest rates, data suggests. Those who have ...
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