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Daily MailSugar babies who get rich older men to fund their extravagant student lifestylesDaily MailBut these undergrads aren't turning to loan sharks or spiralling into thousands of pounds worth of credit card debit. Instead, they have turned to the world's largest online dating website that .... 'I don't want loads of awkward encounters, despite ...
BloombergAs Deutsche Bank Chief Turns to Legal Woes, Here's What He FacesBloombergIn a more recent development, the bank is being investigated by U.S. and U.K. authorities over whether its internal controls failed to catch some $10 billion in transactions that may have moved money out of Russia, people familiar with the matter have ...and more »
The Market OracleHow to Save Money by Using a Money Transfer Credit cardThe Market OracleResearch from reveals that borrowers could save over £70 a year in overdraft fees by using a money transfer card: a borrower needing £500 would pay only £8.45 with a card charging a one-off fee of 1.69% (the lowest currently available) ...Save over £70 a year using a money transfer 2 news articles »
10 investment mistakes to avoid this ISA seasonInteractive InvestorThe golden rule for any investor - new and experienced - is always to take advantage of your annual tax wrappers, such as the ISA and pension allowance. Investing is about getting ... Investors are driven by human behaviour and often sell only after ...and more »
BloombergBehind China's $720 Million Bet on British Tech StartupsBloombergZai said Cocoon was targeting the U.K. in part because startup valuations were more attractive than in China, where there is too much money chasing every good idea, or Silicon Valley, which has already seen an influx of Chinese investment in recent ...and more »
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