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News today reports that the world of weddings has changed. The Father of the bride is no longer footing the bill. Over the last five years, parents have paid all the costs at only 4 per cent of weddings, according to a survey by today reports that this month's HFI provides gave a report on the worries among people about their current finances due to the approaching emergency budget.  June’s survey of UK household finances highlights “frayed consumer confidence”, “current household finances deteriorating” and “anxiety about future finances deepening” as a few common worries. today reports that Science Minister David Willetts is urging students to apply online now for their student loans and grants.  Mr Willetts saw for himself how Student Finance England is getting ready for the busy summer period. today reports that the latest research from Standard Life says the UK would ‘care’ for a £4,000 car and jewellery worth £2,000, but would need a pension fund to be more than £15,000 before they would feel the same.  This £15,000 ‘tipping point’ is when the majority of people said they would care about their pension, with most admitting that they would not take notice of the fund if it held any less than this amount. today reports that if fans want to follow England all the way, they will have to shell out a pretty penny. Some estimate around £9,100.  Average hotel costs at host cities now approx £185 per night.  Sainsbury's Travel Money is offering to consumers Cash Passport™ prepaid currency cards, which can be loaded with up to 85,000 SA rand (approx £7,000)
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It’s possible to rent just about anything. Don’t just think homes and cars! Think hats, cameras, tools, laptops and you get the picture. And traffic on the world’s fastest growing online rental marketplace is growing by about 20% a month.

Help for home buyers

The Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme, which gives some home buyers the option to defer most of their mortgage payments for two years, has just been launched.


Unemployment among new tenants in the private rented sector has risen to 7.8%, up from just 3.1% twelve months ago, according to, the property services website for landlords.


If you’re thinking that you should just rent out that empty property you haven’t been able to sell the latest rental figures won’t be good news. Rents fell in the UK by 1.6% in the first three months of 2009 according to which analyses renting trends.

Stamp duty holiday to be extended

Amongst the white rabbits Chancellor Alistair Darling plans to pull out of the hat tomorrow is an extension of the stamp duty "holiday" on homes costing up to £175,000.

Pensioners' income falls by almost a quarter in a year.

As interest rates hit historically low levels, more than 8 million UK pensioners have seen their monthly income fall by almost 25% from 12 months says SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) - the trade body that represents the majority of regulated UK equity release providers. 

£5,000 if you buy an electric or plug-in hybrid car.

The Government will give drivers subsidies of up to £5,000 if they opt for electric or plug-in hybrid cars as part of its £250m plan to promote low carbon transport over the next five years.

Mums head back to work to fund family's cash gap

According to Avon (as in Avon Calling) 70% of Great Britain’s mums need to go out to work.

Free Legal Advice for Flat Owners

Flat owners struggling to understand service charges or unhappy with the way their building is managed can get COMPLETELY FREE legal advice from the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE).

‘Accidental landlords’ are taking unknown risks

So called ‘accidental landlords’, a new breed of landlord who lets out their property to avoid selling at a loss, are providing a welcome boost to the supply of housing at a time of very high demand for private rented homes, according to buy-to-let specialist Paragon Mortgages.

Only half of British Graduates will be able to pay off student loans

New figures today from the House of Commons library show that British graduates will only be able to pay half of their loans with their estimates that taxpayers will have to pay £2.5 billion more in taxes to compensate for these student debts.

HIPs get the chop

Home sellers will no longer need Home Information Packs (HIPs) before they can put their properties up for sale. 

Uninsured victims of burglary are facing an annual bill of £200million

Thousands of UK households that are burgled every year are not covered by home insurance.  


The average British family will pay out almost £1 million on household bills over the course of a lifetime

RBS Customer Charter Is A Step In The Right Direction, Says Which? today reports that Royal Bank of Scotland aims to resolve the fundamental problems in banking.
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