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News share tip: Discount UK banking shares come with plenty of the upside down world of banking the money that we deposit is a liability, because we can choose to withdraw it whenever we want; a bank's assets are the loans it makes to businesses and individuals who want to buy houses. Tim Burton's Alice in ...and more » pilot facing £300000 penalty over pension pension with British Midland (BMI) was worth around £500,000, and he agreed to transfer this pension to another scheme, which he had no idea was actually owned and operated by the company advising him to move the money. It was explained to Mr ...and more »
BdailyDon't get swept up in pension reform freedomsBdailyIf you transfer your money into a scam, you could end up losing all your pension savings and in some cases facing a tax bill of up to 55% from HMRC.” Experts are keen to point out that 'doing nothing' may not be the best option either. It depends on ...and more »
Robin Hood in a Time of AusterityLondon Review of Books (subscription)In this version the sheriff of Nottingham runs a ruthless realm of plunder and political correctness, ransacking the homesteads of honest peasants for money to finance the conceptual rich – that is, the unemployed, the disabled, refugees, working-class ...
Cut up your credit cardFinancial TimesBy the end of 2016, another record is likely to be broken: the average UK household is likely to owe almost £10,000 in unsecured debt. According to a recent PwC report, “Precious Plastic: How Britons Fell Back in Love With Borrowing”, total ... This is ...and more »
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