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BT.comNearly half of people 'would lie to get a mortgage'BT.comBut earlier this week we reported that a new business called had found a loophole enabling it to start offering self-cert mortgages to UK customers again by basing its business in the Czech Republic. The regulator has condemned the ...and more »
Get SurreyCCTV appeal after alleged Guildford credit card scam saw 'thousands' stolen from elderly victimGet SurreyWhen the man checked his account the next day, he realised a substantial amount of money was missing. The bank confirmed that three separate withdrawals, totalling thousands of pounds, had been made the previous day. Money had also been withdrawn ... share tip: Discount UK banking shares come with plenty of the upside down world of banking the money that we deposit is a liability, because we can choose to withdraw it whenever we want; a bank's assets are the loans it makes to businesses and individuals who want to buy houses. Tim Burton's Alice in ...and more »
This strap could let you pay the bill with your Pebble smartwatchCNETYou simply snap it onto the back of any Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round smartwatch, load up your credit cards and then wave your wrist in front of any contactless credit card reader. According to Fit Pay, the device uses the same ...and more » pilot facing £300000 penalty over pension spoke to a Spain-based financial adviser, who said it was possible – and legal – to take up to 50pc of the money in his pension tax-free because he was in Spain, and use this to buy a property instead of a mortgage. His pension with British Midland ...and more »
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