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Listed building Insurance.

Check your insurance if you own a listed building.

Listed building owners are being warned to ensure that their homes are adequately protected as the recession continues and people make financial cutbacks.

The warning comes from large rural insurer, NFU Mutual. It says 4 out of 10 people are cutting back on their spending on financial items such as insurance.  

NFU Mutual spokesperson Nicola Sach says, “Our primary concern is that people may find themselves underinsured.  Owners of listed buildings should check that the sum insured on their home would cover the cost of rebuilding the property using the appropriate materials and craftsmanship.  They may find that they need to cover substantial costs should any damage occur if the appropriate level of cover is not in place.”

NFU Mutual provides a listed building scheme and has found in the past most customers who take up the service are initially underinsured - some by a significant amount.   

“With listed properties usually costing substantially more to rebuild than non-listed homes we are urging people to make sure that they take the appropriate steps to ensure that should a loss occur they will be fully covered”.

NFU Mutual has put together some top tips for listed property owners

Make sure that you get a valuation from a specialist company.  Should you ever need to make a claim this will help to ensure that you are adequately covered.  This process should be repeated every 3 to 5 years.
Check your level of reinstatement cover against your valuation.  English Heritage can insist that you use like for like methods and materials to rebuild your property which can be more expensive that the modern equivalent.
Consult a risk management specialist to help ensure that your house is as secure as it can be without compromising or damaging any historic features.
Old and listed buildings can be susceptible to burst pipes. To prevent large costs should this happen make sure that your insurance policy will cover you.
If you are thinking of purchasing a listed property, make sure that you check that any alterations that have been made to the building have been approved. You could find yourself liable for  the costs of returning the property to its original state if these alterations are found to be detrimental to the fabric of the building.
If your home is thatched you should ensure that even small repairs to the roof are carried out by a professional thatcher.  

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