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How to sleep during a heatwave and other top tips for making most of your holiday  Mirror OnlineFrom getting to the airport and what to pack to staying safe and keeping yourself comfy while travelling - we've got you covered.
Banks warn mortgage prisoner reforms will still leave thousands trapped paying sky-high rates mortgage lenders have poured cold water on proposals to help mortgage prisoners, arguing that many homeowners will remain trapped on poor-value ...
TransferWise’s new debit card for the US fires the starting gun on a new war for travelers  TechCrunchInternational money transfer *service* TransferWise, has made a significant incursion into the US market today, launching a MasterCard debit card alongside a ...
Prolonged sitting estimated to kill 70,000 in the UK a year  LaddersA financial calculation of the burden of sitting's health effects on the NHS has never been done before, so the study undertook the task.
Carney, and the question of open-ended funds  Financial TimesEveryone is suddenly an expert on open-ended funds. Today Mark Carney, the departing Governor of the Bank of England, weighed in at a Treasury select ...
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