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Money MarketingHow to help clients make retirement income lastMoney Marketing... how long they will live as well as things like long-term care costs. “The Government is getting worried about this because a year on from pension freedoms it is seeing some people make poor decisions with poor outcomes and running out of money.” ...and more »
What the papers say: the impact of Brexit on your financesMoneyWeekUnsurprisingly the papers have been full of commentary about the implications of Brexit for your personal finances – and their take is generally negative. The Daily Telegraph backed the Leave side, but its ... He also points out that Cameron pledged to ...
Los Angeles TimesSaving America from its meager retirement savingsLos Angeles TimesThe point was driven home Friday when markets convulsed over the U.K.'s vote to exit the European Union. Like the financial crisis and Great Recession, which drained 401(k) accounts and pummeled Americans' finances, the Brexit stock selloff left ...and more »
This is MoneyKeep calm and carry on paying into your pension: Savers face difficult choice between volatile stock market and ...This is MoneyLong-term savers saw their pension funds slide in value in response to Friday's sell-down in shares – in the UK, Europe and across the globe – compromising their retirement prospects. And the future security of benefits that ... A majority of workers ...Pension savers told 'DON'T PANIC' amid market carnage but follow THESE key pension industry tries to calm investor fears after Brexit voteFinancial Timesall 19 news articles »
The GuardianVodafone billing chaos leaves mobile users disconnected and out of pocketThe GuardianI received two additional sim cards a couple of weeks ago. No one can tell me why.” Allardice took his case to the ombudsman who ruled that his credit score should be cleared and £100 compensation paid. His phone was finally reconnected this month.and more »
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Debt leads one in ten to insomnia

A leading debt management company is reporting a rise in the numbers of its customers who cite loss of sleep as a direct result of debt anxiety as a major catalyst for contacting the company for help.07-02-2012
Award winning Debt Advisory Line receives hundreds of calls per day, many of whom are so worried about their escalating debt problems that they simply can’t sleep.
One in ten suffer from insomnia and more than 10 million prescriptions for sleeping tablets are written in England each year so it is an ever present problem in today’s society. Dr Caroline Horton teaches cognitive and clinical psychology to undergraduates and postgraduates and conducts research on sleep and memory. Caroline said: “Generally, we know that anxiety and stress has a complex and bi-directional relationship with sleep quality and being worried about something can lead to a reduction in sleep quality.”  
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