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Jonathan Ganesh: 'I kept saying please save me, please help me. Please God'Belfast TelegraphWhat happened at Docklands made it a lot more personal for me. ... We give what money we can to help others. ... There are IRA victims with American passports who were compensated with millions of pounds from Colonel Gaddafi, who helped the IRA kill ...and more »
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Data errors could see 4 million retirees paid wrong problem is that since 2012 the government no longer required pension providers to collect data on contracting-out, which, the paper said, means that six million people who transferred into a personal pension have no records. The Royal Mail ...and more » hits out at 'hateful' state pension campaign minister Ros Altmann has accused the Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) campaign of bullying her. The Waspi campaign was set up in April last year in a bid to oppose the government's programme of state pension age equalisation, ...and more »
The GuardianHuge rise in hack attacks as cyber-criminals target small businessesThe Guardian“SMEs have not historically been the target of cybercrime but in 2015 something drastically changed,” says Toni Allen, UK head of client propositions at the British Standards Institute (BSI). “The latest Government Security ... “We have seen some high ...and more »
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Girls Now Earn More Than Boys

Girls have fallen under Hermione Granger’s spell and just like Emma Watson are the highest young earners.31-01-2011
 For the first time in five years, girls now earn more from part-time working than boys, according to new research from Halifax Savings.
Although not quite at Emma Watson’s annual £19m – which crowned her as the youngest person and most wealthy woman in Vanity Fair’s list of Hollywood’s top earners - the average earnings for girls now reach almost £1k a year (£976.44.)  At £18.77 a week, this is 46 pence higher than boys’ wages (£18.31) and 25 pence above the average weekly wage for both sexes of £18.52.  

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