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What's your biggest financial worry?, many are sensible in their plans for their pension pots, with 75% saying that funding retirement was their first priority when accessing their savings, while 7% planned to set aside money for care and 3% wanted to use it to help pay off debt ...
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The IndependentVote Leave accused of 'con' competition to lure voters to hand over personal dataThe IndependentThe “50 million” competition asks people to hand over their personal details in exchange for a chance to win £50 million – if they guess the correct result of every match in the Euro 2016 tournament. ... the British rebate and also does not take into ...and more »
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Girls Now Earn More Than Boys

Girls have fallen under Hermione Granger’s spell and just like Emma Watson are the highest young earners.31-01-2011
 For the first time in five years, girls now earn more from part-time working than boys, according to new research from Halifax Savings.
Although not quite at Emma Watson’s annual £19m – which crowned her as the youngest person and most wealthy woman in Vanity Fair’s list of Hollywood’s top earners - the average earnings for girls now reach almost £1k a year (£976.44.)  At £18.77 a week, this is 46 pence higher than boys’ wages (£18.31) and 25 pence above the average weekly wage for both sexes of £18.52.  

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