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News Statement 2015: What it means for youBBC NewsIn a speech that lasted for more than an hour, Chancellor George Osborne revealed his financial game plan and how this will affect the wallets and purses of the watching public. The speech, made up of an Autumn Statement and a Spending Review, ...Autumn Statement 2015: what it could mean for your Statement - concern pension contributions could be restrictedHargreaves LansdownPension changes you should know aboutMoney Observerall 1,171 news articles »
AOL Money UKMortgage borrowing strongest in seven yearsAOL Money UKMortgage borrowing grew to its strongest level in seven years in October as consumers rushed to snap up cheap deals, banks have reported. The British Bankers' Association (BBA) said gross mortgage borrowing reached £12.9 billion last month - marking a ...Mortgage lending hit seven-year high in OctoberThe Guardianall 21 news articles »
Hargreaves LansdownAutumn Statement 2015: George Osborne scraps tax credit cuts after Tory revolt, families, pensioners: Today's winners and losers • Full story: Osborne ... It reflects higher spending in Brussels, lower revenues from sources such as fines on companies, and the growth in the size of the UK economy compared to the rest of ...Autumn Statement - concern pension contributions could be restrictedHargreaves LansdownPension changes you should know aboutMoney Observerall 815 news articles » Statement and Spending Review 2015: George Osborne scraps tax credit"The Chancellor has clearly recognised that the UK is falling behind its competitors in research and development spending and we are pleased to see he is seeking to address that gap." The FSB urged the Government to deliver on its commitment to ...and more »
QCKUK consumers unaware of foreign currency credit card feesQCKAccording to research by the building society Norwich & Peterborough, UK consumers might be savvy enough to know that using debit or credit cards to withdraw money abroad will charge them money, but they do not realise that using a credit card to buy ...
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Eco News

Edition 23 24-07-2011
Hi, I’m Atul Srivastava. Welcome to Eco News! This is where I’ll give you news, reviews and video links to help you save your wallet and the world.

If you’d like to be interviewed for a promotional video, email:


Forthcoming Event: Pure London

When: 7 to 9 August 2011
Where: Olympia and Earl’s Court 2, London
Why? Pure London is one of the UK’s leading fashion trade events. A number of eco fashion designers are likely to attend.

19 New Videos on Youtube!

Introduction to Eco Expert TV

Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs

Tesla Electric Supercars

Racing Green Endurance

Peugeot EX1 Electric Supercar

Gumball 3000

Drink, Shop & Do

Lotti and Chris from Plan Zheroes

UCL Professor Calls for Clean Technology Race

Compassion in World Farming

Advocates for International Development

Renewable Energy

Introduction to Eco Karting

Akbar from Revolution Karting

Eco Karting – Driver Briefing
Eco Karting – In Kart Footage

Interview with Karting Champion

Post Race Interviews

scrap_metal_dress.gifClothing Made From Scrap Metalbalsa_wood_dress.gif
Carolina Wong designs clothing using a variety of materials including scrap metal.

Dresses Made From Balsa Wood
Natasha Wodzynski has designed a dress made from balsa wood. To find out more:

Review of Green Wednesdays by Nice and Serious
Nice and Serious is the UK’s leading environmental production company, screening environmentally related feature films on Wednesday evenings. I checked out their inaugural screening Food Inc. Well run event with thought provoking speeches and informal discussions afterwards.

There’s a lot of talk about animal cruelty in Food Inc. Perhaps another animal to consider is the 'elephant in the room' that few people talk about: global overpopulation, and therefore over demand of food! Not an easy issue to find a solution for, but that doesn't mean we ignore it. Something to be acknowledged in future films along these lines. and

Tips for Healthy, Green Living
Check out Epic Self for tips on vegetarianism and organic food, as well as exercise and healthy living:

Eco Benefits of Working From Home
Save money on fuel and food! Tips on efficient home working:

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