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Cancer sufferers more worried about Debt than treatment

With the recent Macmillan study showing cancer sufferers and their families are 20 times more likely to ask for help about financial issues, than about death and dying, Chartis Direct reports increased interest in its unique cancer insurance products WellWoman and CancerCare, which give cash payouts on diagnosis of cancer.16-01-2012

Swimming Instructor Sam, 38, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago:
Sam, 38, husband Daryl and her two little girls (10 and 7), had just saved up to go on a family holiday to America to take the girls swimming with dolphins, when she discovered a lump. She says “All of a sudden your life stops, and you think: Oh my God, I’ve got cancer”.
Sam had two grade 3 tumours. Within 2 weeks she was rushed into hospital for a left mastectomy. “The impact of being diagnosed with cancer is not just something that you just go in and have an operation. You have your operation, you have the chemotherapy. It takes a year, 18 months, in my case a little bit longer, out your life.”
Ten years previously, a WellWoman advert had caught her attention because she had lost close relatives to breast cancer. She took out the insurance and just put it to the back of her mind.
The pay out on diagnosis made all the difference for Sam. Without the money it would have been a really tough time; her husband would have had to work more hours, leaving Sam on her own a lot of the time.  The support came at a time when family became most important. Despite the massive impact of her treatment, WellWoman enabled life to go on as normally as possible for her husband and two daughters. Wellwoman’s support meant that she didn’t have to go it alone. “You know, it helps you, money does help a lot.”

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