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Revealed: the 10 countries toughest on tax we Brits cannot think we are alone in being targeted by our tax office to get the money that is due. We should all be paying the tax owed, but no more. This is where the difficulty comes, as the rules present a challenge to some to find a way around ... my debts snowballed I pushed everyone away - how my family finally got me then we needed repairs for the house and I had to turn to credit cards. It was the credit card debt that just snowballed. I tried to sell the caravan, but it brought in nearly £10,000 less than what I paid for it. At the same time, my best friend ... Lewis: Should you ditch Britain's best bank account? via @MartinSLewis that @santanderuk are putting up 123 account fee - treble plus Credit Card fee. Should have heard direct! #not good. — Lesley ... The 123 bank account is primarily targeted at those in credit. If you are regularly overdrawn it ...Should you ditch Britain's best bank account?Yahoo Finance UKall 2 news articles » you ditch Britain's best bank account? Ann Perry: “Heard via @MartinSLewis that @santanderuk are putting up 123 account fee - treble plus Credit Card fee. Should have heard direct! #notgood”. Steve Roper: “Grrrr! #Santander 123 account fee going up to £60 a year, that's a 150% price ...
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Insurers can’t charge women less than men

The European Court of Justice has ruled that insurers can’t consider gender when setting insurance premiums.


Charging men more for car insurance than women would amount to sex discrimination. Will premiums for men go down while premiums for women rise? Probably. If the degree of risk has been accurately calculated into the premiums in the past it’s likely that premiums for men will remain the same and those for women rise to match. If premiums for men reduce to the level of women’s premiums I’ll eat my hat.

Annuity rates have changed already in anticipation of the ruling.... but as implementation has been deferred til 21st Dec 2012. As things stand, women receive lower pension annuity rates because they tend to live for longer than men.

Because women have a longer life expectancy, they pay less for life assurance but more than men for critical illness insurance.

We'll be keeping a watch on changes.  

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