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Money MarketingTom Baigrie: Regulatory constraints do more damage to savings than fraudstersMoney MarketingGiven the unpredictability of Financial Services Compensation Scheme costs, Treasury and FCA rule changes and Financial Ombudsman Service decisions, suggesting the planners, management and shareholders take on the personal debt needed to fund growth ...
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London's going on Holiday

Nine in ten Londoners are refusing to give up their holiday abroad this summer despite a year of economic doom and gloom, according to a new survey.15-07-2009
The most popular countries are Spain (31 per cent), France (16 per cent) and USA (7 per cent).
Of these sun-seekers, only a third said the economic climate had played a part in their choice of holiday destination. And a further 87 per cent said the pound’s weakness against currencies like the dollar and euro made no difference to their decisions.
Jose Ivars-Lopez, European head of marketing at Currencies Direct, which carried out the survey, said: “There’s been so much bad news about the recession lately it is no wonder that people are starting to feel the effects of recession fatigue. People just want a break from it all and are prepared to do so with little regard to the cost.”
 The survey also discovered that of those planning on travelling abroad this summer, almost two-thirds (60 per cent) are spending more on their holiday this year than last year, because of the pound’s fall against their destination’s currency. And four in ten will spend more while away. Despite all the increased spending two thirds will stay in accommodation owned by family and friends.

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