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New figures today from the House of Commons library show that British graduates will only be able to pay half of their loans with their estimates that taxpayers will have to pay £2.5 billion more in taxes to compensate for these student debts.

As two of the common cancers affecting men and women – Prostate and Ovarian cancer - are the focus of March awareness campaigns, AIG outlines how its unique Cancer Cover insurance policies provide vital financial and emotional help when it is needed most.  
Chartis Direct has launched a new Heart Attack and Stroke insurance policy, which gives cash payouts on diagnosis of either a heart attack or stroke.  There is a choice of cover level, giving £15,000, £25,000 or £50,000 on diagnosis.
A new survey has revealed that £454.60 is the average amount of money that people would lend to a friend suffering from a long term illness such as cancer. This equates to just less than a week’s extra pay, based on average gross weekly earnings of £458*.
A leading debt management company is reporting a rise in the numbers of its customers who cite loss of sleep as a direct result of debt anxiety as a major catalyst for contacting the company for help.
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Useful Links
Tell us of any website that you find useful and that you think may be of interest to our members. Here are some that have been suggested and this is your opportunity to add your own and your comments.
Access Renewables
Atul Srivastava says "They say: “When a photovoltaic or wind turbine system is producing more energy than is required, the surplus is exported via the grid and sold back to the utility company.”"
Atul Srivastava says "

Atul Srivastava says: “Think how often you use Google. Five times a day? Ten times a day? All that white background is burning electricity and costing you more money than if the background of Google was black! Use instead to save money long term. It’s the same search engine and is owned by Google as their energy saving alternative!”

Atul Srivastava says "

Atul Srivastava says: “BTCV run Green Gyms throughout the UK, where you can get fit for free through conservation volunteering. Forget spending about £40 a month on that gym membership that you never make full use of anyway. You’ll burn up to a third more calories in an hour of Green Gym conservation than in a step aerobics class. Sessions are designed to work a variety of muscle groups. If you currently spend £40 a month on gym membership, join a Green Gym instead and save £480 a year!”

Business Debtline
They say "The helpline that provides free, confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems in your business."
Business Link
They say "Business Link is a free business advice and support service, available online and through local advisers."
Car Free Walks
Atul Srivastava says "

Atul Srivastava says: “This website shows how you can enjoy walks in the countryside using public transport. If going for nice walks at weekends is the main reason you’re thinking of buying or keeping your car, save your money and use this website instead!”

CCCS - Consumer Credit Counselling Service
They say "A charity dedicated to providing confidential, free counselling and money management assistance to financially distressed families and individuals."
Citizens Advice
They say "Practical, reliable, up-to-date information including frequently asked questions in English, Welsh, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu and Chinese on a wide range of topics and factsheets to download. Information is continuously reviewed by a team of advisers and covers England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales."
Civil Aviation Authority list of tour operators atol registered
They say "

Pilgrims can check whether their operator has an ATOL on the Civil Aviation Authority's website at or by calling 020 7453 6424.

Consumer Direct
They say "

Advice on consumer issues and contact details for trading standards offices are available from Consumer Direct on 08454 04056, at or from local town halls.

Department for Business consumer Info
Liz Barclay says "

Department for Business and Regulatory reform information on consumer rights can be found at

Destroy Debt
Atul Srivastava says "

Atul Srivastava says: “A monster list of 76 ways to save money and the environment. Enjoy!”

Energy Saving Community
Atul Srivastava says "

They say: “Whether you’re planning on installing a wind turbine or adding photovoltaic solar panels to your roof...get paid for generating the power.”

Energy Saving Secrets
Atul Srivastava says "

Atul Srivastava says: “This website takes it a stage further than simply reducing your energy bill in the home. It shows how you can generate your own power using micro wind turbines and solar panels!”

Energy Savings Trust
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “People used to say: time is money. I think that should be updated: energy is money! The Energy Savings Trust offer great support for people wanting to reduce their energy bill at home. They also have sections for grants, offers and vouchers, so you don’t have to pay the full cost of making your home more energy efficient.” "
Energy Star
Atul Srivastava says "They say “Even if you rent an apartment, townhouse, or a home, you can make a big difference, too! These tips will show you how to be more energy efficient and save energy, money, and reduce the risks of global warming.”"
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hajj Info
Liz Barclay says "

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provide helpful information on how to prepare for and what to expect from Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages on their website

Geek About
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “31 tips on green travel – saving you money every ‘step’ of the way!”"
Get Rich Slowly
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “This website is well focussed on the financial benefits of eco thinking. It helps to get you in the ‘eco-frugal’ mindset: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Embrace Imperfection, Pursue Quality.”"
Global Action Plan
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “Have a go on GAP’s eco driving simulator to learn how to drive with greater fuel efficiency, saving you money!”"
WebMaster Tony says "lovemoney3.gifRegister with and connect with clever people, personalised content and all the tools you need to get the most out of your money."
national debtline
They say "The helpline that provides free confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems."
Philip T. English
WebMaster Tony says "Philip T. English International Financial Services Ltd. specialises in all aspects of international finance for both the private and corporate client."
Stop Loan Sharks
They say "Have you been approached by a loan shark? Lending money without a licence is illegal. If you suspect someone is a loan shark you should report - details on this website. "
Sustainable Life
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “This is one of many websites in the ‘eco-gadget’ category. These save you money by reducing the need to buy batteries or even the need to charge up the gadgets at home.”"
Tait Enterprise Development
WebMaster Tony says "Financial business development - to help business owners build the business they need to get the life they want, when they want it."
The Guardian
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “10 things you can do as part of your daily routine that help to save you money and the environment.”"
The Ramblers
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “The health benefits of walking are well documented. Join the Ramblers for regular walks in the countryside and you’ll get a year’s worth of walks for less than a month’s worth of gym membership!”"
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “30 ways to save money and the environment! Download the PDF document for free.”"
Turn 2 Us
They say "Turn2us helps people access the money available to them – through welfare benefits, grants and other financial help."
What Green Car
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “This website reviews a number of green cars, with detailed comparisons to help you choose the car that will help you save money while meeting your particular transport needs. But saving money specifically on fuel is only part of the benefit of eco cars. This website explains other financial savings and incentives, such as the London Congestion Charge Alternative Fuel Discount.”"
Wildlife Trusts
Atul Srivastava says "Atul Srivastava says: “Contact your local Wildlife Trust for a conservation volunteering opportunity near you. It’ll be good exercise and eliminate the need to pay for gym membership!”"
Atul Srivastava says "They say: “How can we live lightly on the Earth and save money at the same time? Staff members at the Worldwatch Institute, a global environmental organization, share ideas on how to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN at home and at work.”"
Liz Barclay says "The Association of Residential Letting Agents is an established association that oversees the conduct of letting agents who are members.
It is voluntary for any letting agency to join so only use a letting agent that is a member...
They offer great support for agents as well as training and up to the minute information on all the legal aspects of letting out a property or letting a property from a private landlord.
Agents also have to follow its guildlines and a  strict code of conduct."
Liz Barclay says "

This is the goverment's main website which is very easy to use and has a detailed housing section which is updated daily, the website offers information on all housing subjects and issues in the UK.

It also offers information on planning issues and building control.

Liz Barclay says "

The Homes and Property website offers a great way to search for property on the net but is also very design led and offers inspiration on interiors and buildings as well as up to date information on celebrities moving home, overseas property and much more...

This is one of my favorites...

Liz Barclay says "

This fantastic website gives free information on the last purchase price paid for any property in the UK which has been sold in the last five years.

It is a great way to check out and see what properties have been selling for in your area or the area you are looking to buy in.

If you just want to be nosey, you can see how much your neighbours paid for their home!!!

Liz Barclay says "

The Housing Option website is a goverment led iniative and is aimed at anyone looking for affordable housing and shared ownership schemes in London.
The webiste is quite new and is easy to use, there are now two main companies looking after affordable housing for the goverment in London, they are Metropolitan Home Ownership and Tower Homes, you will find all the information you need on the website!

Luke says "

Knight Frank Finance (part of the Knight Frank property company) offer a very personal mortgage service and often have more preferential rates than the high street. A dedicated member of their team will look after every aspect of your mortgage application.

Liz Barclay says "

The majority of people living in flats / apartments sign and agree to a long leasehold, lease's can be very complicated and are usually unique to the individual property.

The Leasehold Advisory Group are considered to be one of the most professional companies working in this field.

They offer straightforward and honest advice to anyone looking for any type of advice regarding leasehold or freehold properties

Liz Barclay says "

This website is the National Association of Esate Agents, always use an estate agent that is amember of the NAEA, if you are buying or selling. All members ahve to follow strict codes of conduct and training. You are much more likely to achieve a professional and efficient service from an agent that is a member.

Liz Barclay says "Prime Location is another great website for searching for property, it is updated constantly so you can view the most recently added properties..."
Liz Barclay says "

One of the most popular ways to search for property on the net...

Most agents are linked to the website so it always has a great selection of properties that have just come on the  market.

Liz Barclay says "

Savills Private Finance (part of the Savills property company) offer a personal mortgage service and can usually offer much better rates than the high street.

They offer a very personalised and professional service.

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