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News Focus: get the biggest bang for your buck buying is a simple solution if you frequently transfer money abroad to pay bills or take a monthly income from the UK. This is a regular payment plan, available from most specialist foreign currency brokers, which gives ... While credit cards from the ...
NAPF: better reporting to close gender pay gapFT AdviserThe National Association of Pension Funds has called on government to tackle “very limited reporting” by companies on how they manage their workforce and the consequences of this lack of transparency for long-term investors, such as pension schemes.and more »
Advisers and accountants must collaborate for AE to workFT Adviser“The payroll bureaux are run by accountants, the accountants are now seeing auto-enrolment as a revenue generator- there is money in managing the employer's risk.” He added that there is a lot of demand for financial advice, but not much supply in this ...and more »
Scottish Daily RecordMortgage advice: Money Doctor's top 5 tips for first time buyersScottish Daily RecordThis way you will know exactly how much your mortgage is going to cost you every month during the fixed-rate period, which could be up to five years. With this option, regardless of what happens to base rates during the fixed-rate period, your monthly ...
Daily MailNearly one million households with interest-only mortgages can't pay off debtsDaily Mail'Borrowers who took out interest-only mortgages years ago and don't have a plan to repay face a ticking time bomb. The choice between selling their property, quickly finding the money to pay off their debt or risk of repossession is a distressing ...Mortgages: interest-only deals a 'ticking time bomb' for one million homeownersThe IndependentMortgages: Nearly one million 'face difficulties'BBC Newsall 8 news articles »
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