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News PayPal setting that can save you serious cash - and how to switch it home currency, rather than processing the payment in the local currency. By law, retailers have to give customers the choice – and if offered you're almost always better off choosing the local currency. Consumers normally only have to worry about ...
iNewsHow to get free flights and earn cashback by signing up to a credit cardiNewsIt's easy to be wary of credit cards. The interest rates on credit cards are high, with typical interest of around 20 per cent. But used correctly, credit cards can be a sensible way to manage money and get perks such as free flights. Interest on ...and more »
The IndependentNumber of UK home movers at 10-year highThe IndependentIf you're reading this surrounded by boxes, you're not alone. The number of people moving home at any one time is now at its highest level since those heady pre-financial crash days. More than 370,300 households are moving at the moment, according to ...
QuartzYahoo Finance has a plan to become the Uber of saving moneyQuartzConsumers in the UK and US ranked PayPal and Amazon just about as high as banks when it comes to trust with their money. At the same time, many Americans in particular are drowning in credit card debt, often paying interest rates of 19% or higher. “We ...
www.professionaladviser.comIndustry Voice: I'll think about my pension next yearwww.professionaladviser.comHowever, what is sometimes forgotten is that you have to have been a member of a UK registered pension scheme for any year you are carrying forward from. Making use of prior year's unused allowance requires that the current year's allowance is used ...and more »
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