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Daily StarBarclays bank CRASHES nationwide stranding Brits without weekend cashDaily StarPeople reported that their bank cards were being declined in restaurants and shops across Britain. Customers began panicking as they realised they had no money for the weekend and sent frustrated messages to the bank on social media. And the crash ...and more »
AOL Money UKHow to achieve financial bliss in marriageAOL Money UKBut look at the way the UK treats the married and the unmarried, and while you might not use the word "oppression", you might think that when it comes to money at least, he has a point. Tie the knot in the UK and your path to riches is rather smoother ...
Best cash ISAs 2017: Virgin Money tops tables with with at least £1,000 and willing to fix for at least a year can get a top rate of 1.09 per cent from Al Rayan Bank or £500 can open a 12-month fix at a rate of 1.07 per cent from the Bank of Cyprus UK. Again Virgin Money is competitive with its ...
This is MoneySix ways to beat the taxman honestly: How to lower your tax bill with just six weeks left to the financial year's endThis is MoneyBy Ian Cater For Published: .... One option is to divert funds from other savings, which Adams said would be particularly sensible for those in or nearing their 50s: 'You'll get tax relief on your contributions and only be locking ...and more »
AOL Money UKHow Lloyds Banking Group plc could boost your investing profitsAOL Money UKThe main reason for this is that the money spent on PPI compensation fell from £4bn to £1bn last year. When other misconduct ... The bank is hoping that its recent acquisition of MBNA's UK credit card business will provide some growth instead. However ...and more »
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How to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance
Is work making you sick?
Jobseeker’s Allowance Factsheet
Long Term Care - a bit of advance planning goes a long way!
Minimum Wage
Mobile phone insurance – have you considered it?
Mortgage Payment Protection Service
Negative Equity
Problems finding Insurance?

Looking after Mum's money.

  Dear Liz, My mother is elderly lady, has dementia and lives in a care home. Until recently she managed her own affairs and her care home fees were paid by direct debit from her current account which was topped up from her savings account as ...
Dear AW, I know from the correspondence we’ve had since you first got in touch that your mother’s care home fees are still being paid although other transactions have stopped. This has proved to be a complicated case. While your mother ...
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property letting and taxation

Hi Liz,I have a question regarding property letting and taxation.I have recently purchased a flat with a buy to let mortgatage that I have let through an agent. The rental income is £650 a month and the mortgage is £370.0 amonth. Am I ...
Dear KS, Sadly the situation may not be that simple. Rent is treated as income and taxed in line with your basic or higher rate tax bands. You can offset the mortgage interest payments, letting agency costs and maintenance expenses again the taxable ...
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Setting the selling price for a property.

Can you inform what my wife's rights are in regards to selling her late parent's Bungalow? She has a 25% share, with the remaining 75% belonging to her sister.The unequal split was the result of her mother's will,which gave her share to her sister, ...
Setting the sale price for any property is ultimately up to the people who have the right to sell the property - the owners of the property or the executor(s) of an estate. Most people set the sale price after consultation with an estate agent, or ...
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