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News you ditch Britain's best bank account? Ann Perry: “Heard via @MartinSLewis that @santanderuk are putting up 123 account fee - treble plus Credit Card fee. Should have heard direct! #notgood”. Steve Roper: “Grrrr! #Santander 123 account fee going up to £60 a year, that's a 150% price ... don't buy into the ex-pat dream of a villa in the blame the sun. It's the sun that does it for the Brits every time. People who live in the mists and moodiness of our temperate days fall for sunshine in a big way. They bow down and worship it: they strip off and expose white flesh to searing rays ...
UK State Pension Top Up, Is It Worth It?The Market OracleSo one could be far better off just drawing the money down from a Cash ISA account then buying a pensions top up that in effect is little different to buying an annuity i.e. the capital is gone. However, topping up ... In terms of personal pensions, my ...and more » of OAPs warned to beware of State pension top-up of pensioners paying into the Government's new top-up pension scheme could be left short-changed. Shadow Pensions Minister Nick Thomas-Symonds is warning people to check the small print and do their sums before signing up to boost State ...UK State Pension Top Up, Is It Worth It?The Market OracleSeven million Britons invited to top up state pensionBBC Newsall 47 news articles »
AOL Money UKHorrifying cost of dying up almost 10%AOL Money UKThe average funeral now costs an astonishing £8,126, and the cost of a basic funeral is £3,693. That's 9.1% more than it cost last year - and shows runaway funeral costs are marching ahead of inflation. To add insult to injury, a large proportion of ...
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Granny2B's Story
I am a down to earth granny2B who is increasingly disenchanted with what is going on in our country. As a so-called Baby Boomer I resent being told 'we' had it so good - I do not think growing up in...
s's Story
wise and honest
young but considered to be an agony aunt for nearly all my life by people around me and have been really helpful with problems that sometimes go beyond my years. i am friendly and caring about all and...
staceyvictoria's Story
About to become a first time mummy to a baby girl and intending to continue studying to become a teacher with the help of my wonderful partner and family.
Ecobears's Story
Michael Moreton's Story
I'm The Advice Services Manager at the Community Advice and Law Service ( CALS ) based in Leicester Citry Centre. CALS is a not for profit advice service and we provide free specilaist advice in...
Elle River's Story
Retired journalist, writer. Much into arts, travel, the usual. Passionate about politics, few, if any, illusions left. Armchair activist, sign petitions, support AI, Greenpeace,...
Hannah's Story
Here for your student and graduate questions...
I graduated last year, and I'm now trying to find my way in my career. I'm trying my hand in both creative and academic paths. My year was the first to pay the top up fees and we graduated into the...
Kay Bee's Story
I am a Civil Servant who has been in full time employment since leaving school in 1971.Now divorced I have three wonderful children whom I fully support both financially and emotionally. In many ways...
Andrew Wilkins's Story
Andrew Wilkins
Chartered Insurance Practitioner; G60 Pensions Accreditation; 37 years experience of structuring, administering & advising on all types of pension schemes, for companies & individuals;...
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The Webmaster - here to help you!
hey guys - I'm here to keep things running smoothly - so any problems email me at and we'll see what we can do :-) Enjoy!
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