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The GuardianMany Britons are hooked on costly credit. Here's what the new minister should doThe GuardianToday, less than half of UK adults report being able to keep up with bills without difficulty, while just under a quarter manage to get from one month to the next only by rolling over their credit card balances or other form of high-cost credit. One in ...
This is MoneyHere's what the first hole in the wall looked likeMetroYes, it's been half a century since the very first 'hole in the wall' was installed. The world's first ATM was unveiled by Barclays at its Enfield branch in north London on June 27 1967 and it had remained a popular way for people to manage their day ...Are the days of the cash machine numbered? On its 50th anniversary, we look at whether it will survive another half ...This is MoneyThe cash machine turns 50 today - and world's first was in the UKITV NewsThe cash machine has been around for 50 98 news articles »
BBC NewsThe man who really invented the cash machineBBC NewsThe world's first ATM was unveiled 50 years ago today but the inventor of the bank cash machine has been a source of dispute for years, with two Scottish men claiming the credit. James Goodfellow ... On 27 June 1967, comedy actor Reg Varney took money ...and more » of England tightens mortgage borrowing rules amid fears of debt has prompted concern that families have been encouraged to borrow by record low mortgage and credit card rates, but could struggle when interest rates start to rise. The Bank of England said: "As is often the case in a standard environment, there ...Bank of England orders banks to set aside £11.4billion to cover risk of bad debt boomThe SunBank of England takes action over bad loansBBC NewsUK banks ordered to hold more capital as consumer debt surgesThe -Malay Mail Online -Forex Factoryall 78 news articles »
Seven checks on your pension after two years of changeMoney ObserverWith constant changes to rules for pensions since the pension freedoms came into place in April 2015, Ed Monk, associate director for personal investing at Fidelity International, has compiled a checklist of what's different and how this could impact ...and more »
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