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News freelance? Five key things to think about, from mortgages to car number of self-employed workers in the UK has risen from around three million in 2001 to five million today, representing approximately 15pc of the workforce. Of these, almost half (41pc) are freelancers. Swapping the security of a nine-to-five for ...
The SunYoung people should be given 100 per cent mortgages to get on housing ladder, report claimsThe SunCo-author Bob Pannell, the Council of Mortgage Lenders' former chief economist, said: “Our young people face huge challenges in buying their first homes. Families instinctively want to help and it's the job of lenders, regulators and government to ...
This is MoneySultan of Savings who wants to bring thrift back to Britain: NS&I boss hits out at easy credit culture that traps us ...This is Money'If there is one thing I could do, it would be to change the culture to create a country where people understand the need to put money aside for the future, rather than just spend it all the time,' says 55-year-old Ackerley, a former Barclays banker ...and more »
PYMNTS.comChase Rolls Out Tap-to-Pay Visa Credit“All Chase Visa credit cards, including all co-brand cards, will have tap-to-pay functionality by the first half of 2019,” according to the release. The firm ... Tandem Bank, the U.K. mobile bank, announced on Wednesday (Nov. 14) a new ... Tandem said ...and more »
Yahoo Finance UKCan You Retire on $250000? A Survey Says 39% of Americans Think SoYahoo Finance UKIn fact, when asked by personal-finance website GOBankingRates how much of a nest egg they would want available in retirement, 39% of U.S. adults indicated that $100,000 to $250,000 was their ideal savings range. That's not only well below the $600,000 ...and more »
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