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This is MoneyNow donate money at church using a contactless debit card: CofE installing readers in 40 churchesThis is MoneyChurchgoers will soon be able to donate money with a contactless debit or credit card. The Church of England is installing contactless card readers in 40 churches from August, in a trial aimed at modernising the way it collects money. It hopes making ...and more »
The SunYour credit card rates could be about to go up as Bank of England brings in new rules to prevent another crashThe SunThe Bank's Financial Policy Committee warned it was becoming far too easy to obtain credit, including mortgages. Unsecured consumer borrowing on credit cards is rising by close with 10 per cent a year with car finance at up by 15 per cent — far ...UK banks ordered to hold more capital as consumer debt surgesThe GuardianBank of England tightens mortgage borrowing rules amid fears of debt are used to low interest rates — a hike could derail household Timesall 78 news articles »
Business Insider UK5 online classes that will help you fix your personal finances — all just for £10Business Insider UKHow you choose to save, budget, invest, and spend form the key components to your personal finances. From the stock market to personal pension plans, there are many things we may think we understand but truthfully don't. The best way to have your money ...and more » are used to low interest rates — a hike could derail household are also worried that low interest rates reduce the amount of profits made by banks and so mean that, should they hit a rough patch, there is less money available for them to use to absorb their losses on bad loans. ... Losses from unpaid ...
This is MoneyIs it always worth combining several small pension pots into one large one?This is MoneyTransferring to a new pension – such as a Self-Invested Personal Pension (Sipp) – can broaden investment choice. Old contracts may not allow access to the new ... He says: 'If the new pension costs more to administer, then there should be additional ...and more »
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