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Financial TimesDirectors can withhold address from filings to beat fraudFinancial Times“Company directors tend to be targeted because they are seen as affluent people with good credit ratings and a lot of money in the bank. It's the equivalent of wanting to burgle a big house rather than a small one.” Directors will still have to provide ...
The Times€400m of state-backed home loans in arrearsThe Times“You're talking about lending relatively large amounts of money under these schemes and maybe not everybody should be getting mortgages if the only way to make it sustainable is to offer it to them at 2 per cent for 25 years.” Mr Callan said that the ...
This is MoneyCITY DIARY: Sacre bleu! Flight cancellations, rail strikes and farming rage hit FranceThis is MoneyTreacle-toned Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osorio breezily dismisses a return to the pre-crisis days of mis-sold payment protection insurance and dodgy investment advice. He says: 'We have a very different culture and approach to what we had in the UK ten ...
AOL UKRise in bond yields upsets US stock market rallyAOL UKUS stocks have closed broadly lower as investors reacted to a late-afternoon surge in bond yields. The yields climbed to their highest level in four years after the Federal Reserve released minutes from its latest policy meeting. The minutes showed ...and more »
Fed minutes: How interest income creates a problem for Fed tighteningCredit WritedownsWhen it comes to interest rates, the US isn't like the UK where mortgages are variable rate. Most people in the US have fixed rate mortgages. So when interest rates change, fixed rates insulate households in the US. Now, during the housing bubble ...and more »
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