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Scottish Daily RecordAre you saving enough for your pension? Here's our age-by-age guide to planning your retirementScottish Daily RecordPensions are a really tax-efficient way to invest money since the Government give you tax relief on the money that you pay in, making it easier to build up a bigger fund for when you stop work. Remember there .... You can look at setting up a personal ...Half of UK adults are financially vulnerable, City watchdog findsThe Guardian15 million people forced to work until they drop as they don't pay into a than 4 MILLION are 'living on the brink of financial meltdown with many borrowing from their families to pay ...Daily MailBBC Newsall 80 news articles » in 6 people would struggle to make ends meet if their monthly spending jumped by just £ Elson, chief executive at the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs National Debtline, said: “These findings confirm the scale of the financial issues that millions of people in the UK face. “With this week's announcement of inflation rising ... than £47.2billion has been added to the property wealth of UK homeowners aged 65 and over in the three months to September, as the market recovered across all regions. Since Key Retirement started producing its ... Others see their income further ...and more » to push energy and broadband deals through new smartphone app in UK were told that customers must be given the capability to apply for loans, overdrafts and mortgages on their mobile phone, as well as be able to transfer money between accounts. The move is expected to increase competition by allowing customers to ...and more »
iNewsHalf of UK's adults potentially vulnerable to financial harm, research revealsiNewsBritish people are on the brink of a personal finance crisis as new figures reveal more than four million people have repeatedly failed to pay their bills in the past six months. Half of the UK's adult population, more than 25 million people, has been ...
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