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Danske Bank Ordered To Shut Down Estonian Branch  pymnts.comDanske Bank has been ordered by the Estonian banking regulator to shut down its local branch amid a money laundering scandal.
Lloyds, Visa Pilot New Cash Scheme To Boost Access  pymnts.comLloyds and Visa have announced a new cash scheme pilot of a aimed at boosting access to cash in certain areas of the U.K..
British are a nation of true home birds  Swindon AdvertiserBrits are happy in their home - but the grass can still be greener, as 45 per cent of us would still consider moving home.
'I'm 29 and I'm in £60k of debt…'  BBC ThreeLiam*, 29. I was 24 when I got my first job in finance and I was desperate to fit in. My colleagues wore expensive suits and seemed to have endless funds for ...
Concern over spiraling credit card debt causes top deals to disappear best credit card deals have disappeared from the market in the past 12 months, following a warning from the City watchdog that customers were becoming ...
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Where to eat?
Do you know of the best value for money restaurant? We're looking for the best value in London - or anywhere else in the UK. Tell us your best location [and why] and you could be included in The Cabby's Restaurant Guide!
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How can you reduce your bills?
Sometimes you pay over the odds without realising it. This forum looks at cutting spending without going without.
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what happens if you don't pay.
There are consequences to face if you don't pay your bills - such as disconnection of the phone or electricity.
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Different ways to pay.
Paying by direct debit can mean paying less. Paying by installments can reduce the stress. This forum looks at different available payments methods.
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valati view latest post
Have you been scammed?
Fraudsters are all around! And even the most vigilant of us sometimes gets taken in by plausible fraudsters. If you've been scammed add your experience here - and help others not to get ripped off!
452 1126 Mon 07:26:58 AM
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