Intelligent Doors For Elevators Magnifying glaas
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Different elevators, regardless of which kind of control, always press the automobile within the instructions, the actual station calls the transmission requirements, up or right down to start, starting, slowing affordable, braking, stop. Elevator control is principally refers to the elevator prime mover plus the door machine start, slow, stop, running direction, kids finger layer display, floor call, car instructions, security along with other command signals for governance. Manipulation could be the way and means to help implement each control website.insulated glass for sale

Automatic door machine is installed to the top of the car or truck, it is driving the vehicle door opening and shutting, but also through that mechanical linkage mechanism to drive the door along with the car door synchronization opening and closing. In order to generate the elevator door in the operation of opening and closing to quickly attain fast, stable requirements, need to be automatic door machine technique speed adjustment. When by using a small DC servo continuous motor, the resistor series and parallel method can be used. The use of modest AC torque motor, the common eddy current brake swiftness control method. DC motor speed control method is simple, less heat when the low speed, AC door machine at low speed should the motor heat, the three-phase engine stall performance and insulation requirements are higher. Elevators Magnifying glaas

The direction of the elevator control will depend on the purpose of this elevator car passenger station instructions along with the floor call signal and elevator floor location sign comparison, all in the elevator position signal above the auto instructions and the rail station call signal, So the elevator set up, plus vice versa down. Elevators Magnifying glaas

Direction control links must look closely at the following points: car call command priority within the layers of the telephone instruction and orientation. The elevator to maintain the farthest floor of that passenger call the signal toward the operation of the driving force, when the elevator hasn't yet started running the truth, the driver should be forced to change the direction with the possibility of elevator surgery. In the inspection assert, the direction of the elevator control by inspection staff directly press the automobile inside the control box or car around the top of the control key, the elevator can work, and when the release button, the elevator is actually stopped. Elevators Glass.
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