I was scammed while buying a ticket to Wimbledon!
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:05 pm    Post subject: I was scammed while buying a ticket to Wimbledon! Reply with quote

I’m an American student working here for the summer. I became the victim of a scam when trying to buy a ticket to the Wimbledon ladies quarter-finals. I became slightly suspicious after payment by three different credit cards was rejected despite claims that all were accepted by the site. After much frustration my VISA card did the trick. A confirmation e-mail duly arrived. I had to print, sign, and fax back to the site its terms and conditions and that’s when I noticed a no-refund policy.

I paid £500 for that ticket – I’ve played tennis all my life, never been to London before, dreamed of seeing Venus in action and this was my big chance – maybe my only chance! A lot of money and money that I couldn’t afford to lose. But the ticket site now had my credit card number – therefore my money - and my signature! When the ticket didn’t arrive, and didn’t arrive, and didn’t……. I got really worried.

When I tried tracking my order no information or delivery status came up. I e-mailed the company and got very short answers in poor English….. nothing to ease my worries at all. The day before the event, they informed me that I would be receiving the ticket as an e-ticket and that I would only have a limited amount of time to print it off otherwise it would disappear but I would still be charged. By now I was panicking.

The e-ticket didn’t arrive! Instead I got an e-mail telling me to meet a courier at 11:00am the following morning at Wimbledon Station to pick up my ticket. By this time I knew the game was up. I’d found unwelcome reviews on the internet saying “Never use this company! It’s a scam!”…and other less printable language. I was hyperventilating at the prospect of meeting a random courier on a street corner. Common sense prevailed and even though there was still a nugget of hope I decided I couldn’t take the risk.

But mum came to the rescue. She got in touch with my bank in the US. They launched an investigation, cancelled my card. I crossed my fingers and went Wimbledon the next day to queue!

It was brilliant! No queue at 10.30 am, straight into the club, a very much more affordable Court 1 ticket, and a lovely day (even though Venus lost!). But I was still getting calls and e-mails telling me to meet ‘couriers’ at various times and meeting points throughout the day. It would have been a wild goose chase!

My bank found the company was fraudulent and took the charge off my card. I’ve got my money back and the powers that be are in the process of shutting the website down. The moral of the story - be very careful before buying tickets from a website you don’t know to be reputable. Do your research and read reviews – see what other buyers have said – remembering that anyone can write reviews! If you’re anywhere close to the venue go into the box office and get the ticket in your hand!
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