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Start time: 2009-07-29

End time: 2009-07-31

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345)

Contact: Xu Yang

Contact Phone: 13671772488

Sponsored by: Shanghai Sports Federation of Sporting Goods Association http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/ , Shanghai International Trade Promotion Commission, Shanghai Pudong Branch of Shanghai Pudong Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce

Sponsor: Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Jing Mu International Exhibition Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.


2009 Shanghai International Festival of Sports

2009 China Sports Industry Forum Chinese sports brands

2009 Model Contest Finals

With the improvement of living standard and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held, and all the people Fitness Comprehensive campaign to promote, sporting goods consumption has undergone major changes in public consumption is becoming the new fashion, sports industry in an unprecedented development. To this end, the first held in Shanghai International Mass Sports Festival, and actively promoting the “National Fitness and Expo counterparts,” the aim is to further promote the sports industry with the international market, expanding domestic demand and stimulate economic development, strengthening and foreign enterprises Cooperation And exchanges. The Expo has been included in the “Shanghai International Festival of Sports,” one of the important activities. China’s sports brands in the world through this opportunity to dash about the stage, looking forward to meet your 2009 in Shanghai, China.

Audience Organization

Organizing Committee will be invited from the United States http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-wily-peralta-brewers-jersey/ , Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and so nearly a procurement organizations to will visit, procurement.

country by participating in the same exhibition, organized by the promotion, press conference http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-will-middlebrooks-brewers-jersey/ , the industry to promote fair information.

Organizing Committee will send out invitations through, invitations, tickets, presentation and invite related government departments from across the country, Sports Authority, large enterprises, large entertainment venues, parks, community sports centers, stadiums, schools, fitness clubs, clubs, yoga hall, body slimming room Guesthouse http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-tyler-thornburg-brewers-jersey/ , Shopping malls, commercial buildings, e-commerce, TV direct sales, production and retail, wholesale, import and export traders, Proxy And dealers, etc. will visit the exhibition site visits, negotiations.

Scope of Exhibits

stadium, equipment, facilities: plastic stadium, grassland construction and equipment, venue Sound, Chair http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-travis-shaw-brewers-jersey/ , leisure facilities (including swimming pool equipment), playground equipment, electronic equipment (remember, the score, the display), field management of information and communication, security, energy, environmental protection, lighting technology.

Sports Equipment: Sports Competition, competition equipment, sports equipment, equipment, special sports equipment and facilities Referee and coach equipment, Sports goggles http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-stephen-vogt-brewers-jersey/ , snow sports equipment, off-road cars, Formula One racing, motorcycle, bicycle, Skateboard, Safety protection series.

fitness equipment: fitness equipment, equipment accessories, fitness facilities, massage chairs (bar cf11 cf11 device cf11 cf11 Miriam), club facilities, club facilities

ball games: Billiards, Taiwan, clubs, billiard cloth http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-scooter-gennett-brewers-jersey/ , bowling, table tennis, foot basket volleyball, golf, baseball, softball, handball, rugby, squash, gate ball, nest ball, and related ancillary facilities

clothing and shoes: all kinds of sports wear, casual fashion, swimwear, all kinds of sports shoes http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-ryan-braun-brewers-jersey/ , hats, helmets, gloves, socks, accessories, etc.

Outdoor Sports: outdoor sports, travel and leisure products, including golf, snow sports, diving, water skiing, camping, mountain climbing equipment and equipment, bicycles, electric cars vehicles http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-robin-yount-brewers-jersey/ , parts and ancillary supplies; fishing tackle, fishing gear type, extreme sports, beach umbrella, canvas, etc.

comprehensive: sports professional equipment, raw materials; sports science and technology achievements, special signs and products, audio-visual products; souvenirs, trophies, prizes, collections; sports organizations, sports medicine, sports agent, sports industry marketing projects

To locate far more about clinical depression symptoms nhs http://www.teammlbbrewersshop.com/authentic-paul-molitor-brewers-jersey/ , make sure you pay a visit to: clinical depression symptoms mood

The Advanced Rider course is divided into three sections:

• Riding Finished
• Hips-In
• Loping

Riding Finished is the most important thing for a rider to do. “Riding Finished” means to ride every horse as if he were the best horse you ever rode. Begin by assuming the horse is perfect and correct mistakes as they happen. Ask the horse for a response using the cue you would use on a finished horse, then correct as required. Because a horse will always go to the level of the rider, you need to raise his riding to your level not go down to his.

Our expectations of our horses are very important. If you don’t expect much of them, that is exactly what you’ll get. So the first thing you need to do is raise your expectations. Once you do, the horse will improve. This is the attitude a horse trainer, or any rider, needs.

Hips-In is the fourth and final of the foundational lessons. It is a three-track exercise that improves flexibility in the hindquarters and is one of the most important exercises for gaining control and improving performance. Hips-in does many things:

• Focuses on engaging and disengaging your horse’s hindquarters.
• Slows down a gait.
• Is useful in transitions and lead departures.
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