Various Cleaning Chemicals
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]Various Cleaning Chemicals Used In the Sanitary Industry Various Cleaning Chemicals Used In the Sanitary Industry June 1 , 2012 | Author: Ian MacOlive | Posted in Business
Many different chemicals are used in the sanitary industry. One of the most popular products in the sanitary industry is SAF-Floor Rinse. This mild floor rinse product is acidic and includes a dilution indicator. The acid floor mix is made for neutralizing and rinsing floors after an alkaline cleaner has been used.

This product ensures that the floors stay clean whilst also having a pleasant odor which lasts for a long period of time and reduces the amount of cleaning that will need to be carried out. This floor rinse contains moderate chelating agents which are acidic and there are supreme soil suspenders that provide softer water and safe neutralization which is effective. This product is a combination of alcohol derivatives and this is designed for the accomplishment of maximum rinse ability. This results in a reduced pH level.

These cleaning chemicals are orange-red in color and come in a liquid solution. Additionally the cleaning chemicals have several different elements that make the product effective for cleaning. This cleaning agent makes a superb deodorizer and mild cleaner that features an acidic base.

When this cleaner is correctly diluted it will turn a pale green color. This cleaning chemical is biodegradable and it is versatile, which means that it can be used on surfaces which do not get affected by water. The cleaning chemical can be rinsed easily and this means that they do not leave any residue.

Using a ratio of one part to ten parts will dilute these cleaning chemicals, but this will all depend on the alkaline level. This cleaning chemical can be used on floors by using a mop, sprayer or other cleaning tool. These cleaning chemicals are good to use in the sanitary industry to neutralize the floor and then rinsed away with the use of water.

There are really three main sectors and this includes industrial and mining, hygiene, food and beverages and also cleaning and janitorial. There is a range of different products that can be used within the various different sectors.

Often times the products used will be different depending on the kind of area that is being cleaned as well as the industry in which they are required. The industrial and mining cleaning chemicals include SAF Bupi Carb, Saf Dem, Saf Dox as well as Saf Heavy to list some popular products.

The cleaning chemicals that are recommended for use in the hygiene, and food and beverage industry are Saf Bleach, Saf Germ, Saf Fatsolve as well as Saf Kleen to list some common products that are good for use in the sanitary industry. The chemicals that are effective for use in the janitorial and cleaning industry are Saf Blue, Saf Bluff, Saf Citrus as well as Saf Extract. It is crucial to be sure that the chemicals that you use are recommended for the surface in which you are using it and are acceptable for use in the sanitary industry.

Robert Blignaut is the proprieter of Atlas Oil and Chemical a Cleaning Chemicals supplier based in Boksburg, South Africa. For more information on Cleaning Chemicals please visit our site by click the link.


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