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The Week UKHousehold debt is soaring: should we be worried?The Week UKIf it is on a credit card move it onto a 0% balance transfer card, if it is a personal loan see if you can switch it to a cheaper loan or move it onto a 0% money transfer credit card. Once you've reduced your interest rate as much as possible set up a ...
WalesOnlineSeven tax rebates that could get you hundreds of pounds backWalesOnlineFigures from reveals that in 2016, £3.6million was reclaimed by people who challenged their council tax band and received a reduction. “While there is a risk of paying more, Government figures show that based on 52,000 challenges received ...and more »
The GuardianThe new retirement: how an ageing population is transforming BritainThe GuardianIt's partly that people live so long and partly that we've picked up the idea that we can defeat the ageing process more or less entirely, thanks to a combination of medical advances and individual, personal care.” Like some of its .... That money ...and more » for life: the hidden costs of buying a and brokerage fees, mortgage and survey costs and charges for moving and redecorating all add up, and should be budgeted for well in advance of making any purchase. Future episodes in this series will look at the best options for childrens' ...and more »
AOL Money UKTake advantage of ultra-low mortgage rates and saveAOL Money UKFixed-rate mortgages are very popular, and it's easy to understand why. They provide you with certainty – you know that for the length of your fixed-rate period, your repayments will remain exactly the same each month, no matter what the Bank of ...and more »
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