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The Guardian10 green leaders on the best ways you can fight climate changeThe Guardian“Divest your personal investments from fossil fuels and extractive industries, especially the top 50 corporate polluters.” Unless you have made concerted efforts, it is almost certain that any money you have in savings, current accounts or a pension is ...and more »
Could you use an ISA to save for retirement?, this preference for ISA savings means that some are putting all their eggs in one basket; while 28% will use their ISA investments alongside their personal or workplace pension savings, 15% won't save into a pension at all and plan to solely ...and more »
Average DC pension contribution is 6%FT AdviserThe Tax Incentivised Savings Association's policy project TSIP recently proposed that UK pension savers should attempt to push past the 8 per cent auto-enrolment contribution target in 2018 and towards a longer-term goal of 12 to 15 per cent needed to ...and more »
One in four to pass pension on: PrudentialFT AdviserResearch was conducted by Consumer Intelligence during July among 1,019 UK adults aged 40 plus who currently live with their spouse or partner, also showing their own retirement priorities included taking a holiday (26 per cent), paying off debts (25 ...and more » five favourite cashback reward current offering cashback rewards when paying household bills, direct debits or simply paying money into an account, customers can earn extra without changing their spending habits. • NatWest and RBS launch 3pc cashback current account. • Our five ... If ...and more »
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