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Daily MailFirst-time buyers in England will spend £64K on rent before stepping onto the property ladderDaily MailSaving for a deposit is the biggest obstacle, with 51 per cent claiming this is stopping them while 23 per cent said they would not be able to afford monthly mortgage payments and 26 per cent would not be able to afford associated costs such as Stamp Duty.and more »
The National (blog)The history of credit cards – from their creation in the US to their popularity in the UAEThe National (blog)Used wisely, credit cards can be a helpful addition to a person's money management. After all, they offer access to instant cash for emergency situations and often come with a whole host of benefits from cashback to airmiles and shopping and travel ...and more »
Daily MailTrip Advisor and Amazon reviews probed by Competition and Markets AuthorityDaily MailRogue firms may also be breaking the UK Advertising Codes, which are policed by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA said huge sums of money may be involved because consumers spend £23.3billion a year after consulting what they believe are ...and more » investing just became a very, very bad this, you might wonder, why on earth would 14.5 per cent of all mortgage lending in the UK in the third quarter of last year have been to buy-to-let investors? Good question. The answer (as is the case with everything to do with modern money) is ...and more »
Herald ScotlandLetters: It is time to get back to basics on Scotland's financesHerald ScotlandAnother point of tension is that, under the Smith Commission recommendations, the set-up costs of the new arrangements will be shared between the UK and Scottish Governments, but the method of sharing was not specified. ... As the Scottish Government ...and more »
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