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The love tax… is a little old thing, which we can pay togetherMoneywise Magazine... online to do this. You can do so at ... Setting up your spouse as a shareholder or director in a company you've set up would allow you to distribute income depending on personal allowances. ... Not in the general ...
odditycentral (blog)“Most Frugal Woman in the UK” Lives on Just $3500 a Yearodditycentral (blog)Meet Ilona Richards, a retired truck driver who is well known as 'Britain's most frugal woman'. Some of her tips for simple living include scouring supermarkets for discounted ... As a child, she longed to earn money and be independent, but her frugal ... Where will be worst hit by interest rate rises? the two are combined, this creates a danger zone where higher mortgages created by rate rises are not backed up by growth in house prices. The least indebted areas include high value London boroughs that have seen very high price growth, as well ...and more »
Daily MailFirst-time buyers in England will spend £64K on rent before stepping onto the property ladderDaily MailDavid Cox, managing director of ARLA, explained: 'Tenants are already spending a significant proportion of their income on rent and therefore struggling to save any money. 'As house price affordability worsens and interest rates start rising more ...and more »
The National (blog)The history of credit cards – from their creation in the US to their popularity in the UAEThe National (blog)Used wisely, credit cards can be a helpful addition to a person's money management. After all, they offer access to instant cash for emergency situations and often come with a whole host of benefits from cashback to airmiles and shopping and travel ...and more »
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