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The credit card that can spread costs interest-free for 28 months: Tesco Bank offers shoppers market-leading ...This is MoneyHouseholds looking to spread the cost of a large purchase can now do some over up to 28 months interest-free with Tesco Bank's new credit card. The Purchase Credit Card tops the tables with the longest interest-free deal available on spending, ...
Professional PensionsA UK DC pension income black hole is opening says Columbia ThreadneedleFTSE Global MarketsThis means that they are not able to maximise the potential of their investment and risk sleepwalking into a pension income black hole. Conversely those saving into an individual personal pension are far more likely to choose where their money is ...How I plan to fund my retirementHargreaves Lansdownall 3 news articles »
August 2016 UK mortgage approvals 60058 vs 60150 blog posts feature leading edge technical analysis charting tips, forex analysis, and currency pair trading tutorials. Find out how to take advantage of swings in global foreign exchange markets and see our real-time forex news analysis ...and more » Morning Britain presenter left flustered after epic on air fail before being CUT OFF by screen was supposed to read 'Get paid to cut credit card costs', but missed out the word 'paid', leaving Lewis to apologise to viewers. "You see, everything is done so quickly I missed out a word," said the money expert, as viewers complained the ...and more »
Hargreaves LansdownHow I plan to fund my retirementHargreaves LansdownAs you might expect from someone born in 1956, I've recently been taking a personal interest in retirement options and thinking about how I might eventually take an income from my SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension). ... The freedom to make your own ...
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Students - Earn while you learn

Having a part-time, or even a full time job is unavoidable for many students in order to get by at University. 82% have some sort of paid job during term time according to recent surveys. However it can be an aspect of university life that enhances and enriches your experience as long as you manage to find a healthy balance between study and work. Bar work is popular as it can be fitted around your studies easily, requires little responsibility, and often expands your social circle. Think about finding a job that’s related to your degree or to the field you want to work in as this will signal to future employers that you’re committed to that type of work, will give you some vital experience, prove that you can manage your time, and work under pressure.

It’s important to make sure your studies don’t suffer and that you aren’t caused unnecessary stress as a result taking on paid work. A job that requires responsibility on your part may look good on your CV but you must think about the knock on effect on your grades. 76% of London students said taking on a job while at university made it difficult to get a balance between work, life and study. Discuss your university commitments and your exam schedule with your employer. It’s best to clear the air at the start of the job so your employer doesn’t expect more than you can give. His or her response will also give you an idea of whether or not this arrangement will work. Earning while you learn can add to the whole university experience and ease financial hardship, but remember your degree comes first!

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